Located in Denmark, FOODIES AS is supplying meat raw materials from a wide network of selected producers primarily to the processing industry in EU and overseas. With a long experience in the meat industry, we are able to offer you an extensive “know how” in relation to optimization of your procurement and processing activities. Our product range includes:


fresh · frozen · bone in · boneless · ham · shoulder · collar ·

loin · belly · trimming · fat · rind · offal · head · feet · bone


chicken · turkey · fresh · frozen · bone in · boneless · natural · peppered · salted ·

breast · wing · leg quarter · thigh meat · red MDM · baader (red + white)


fresh · frozen · cuts · trimming · fat · baader · offals

In order to offer our customers the best price, quality and specification at any time, we are continuously developing our network of selected cutting plants and slaughter houses working across most of the continents:

EU > EU · EU > South America · EU > Asia · Oceania > Asia · S.America > Asia · N. America > S.America

We aim to be your preferred supplier of meat by being market oriented, dynamic and innovative. With the highest credit rating “AAA”  for 7 consecutive years, we are a reliable partner but we also believe that good chemistry, flexibility, being service minded, loyal and acting responsible with a high level of business ethic brings the strongest foundation for a long term partnership.

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"We KNOW HOW to add value"